Membership Dues

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Participation in the Oklahoma Youth Orchestras is a season-long commitment (September through May). We encourage you to talk as a family about this commitment as membership due refunds are not available to students who chose to not complete the year. Please evaluate your yearly schedule in order to be sure that you will be able to fulfill this time commitment. In very rare cases will a refund of dues paid be granted to families withdrawing from the program due to extenuating circumstances. Pro-rated membership dues may be offered to students who enroll after the season has started based on concerts completed.

As a part of ensuring a healthy OKYO organization for years to come and in order to keep up with rising costs, modest membership dues increases are to be expected every few years. In 2019, dues increased on average by 6.5% for the auditioned ensembles (OYO, OYP, OYW, Chamber Orchestra, Sinfonia, and Philharmonia). Please note the amounts below are subject to change.

2021-22 Full Season Members Dues and Due Dates

  • Oklahoma Youth Orchestra (OYO) and Percussion: $650

  • Oklahoma Youth Philharmonic Strings (OYP): $500

    • OYP Winds and Brass: $350 (prorated dues for later start date)​​

  • Oklahoma Youth Winds (OYW): $350 (prorated dues for later start date.)

  • Chamber Orchestra: $450

  • Sinfonia: $450

  • Festival Winds: $400

  • Festival Strings: $300

  • Studio Rockestra: $400

- Online dues payments for the auditioned ensembles (the top 5 above) are due September 1st, or students may bring a check made out to Oklahoma Youth Orchestras to their first rehearsal.

- Memberships dues for Festival Winds, Festival Strings, and Studio Rockestra are due October 15.

- Dues for families who join late is due 30 days after your first rehearsal.

- Families who apply for Special Scholarships are exempt from payment deadlines; Your award announcement will include instructions to pay remaining (if any) membership dues.

Payment Plans and More

Your options include: requesting Special Scholarships, Paying in full online, Paying in full with a check, or creating your personalized payment plan to pay in installments until May 1.

Pay in Full online - Click here for a video tutorial. 

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