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2024-2025 Season



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OKYO hosts both auditioned and non-auditioned ensembles each year. For those auditioning, submissions are carefully considered and students are placed into the ensemble that best fits their ability - one that is challenging, but where a student can grow and be successful. 

The 2024-25 audition window is now closed.

Our ensembles cater to a wide range of age and skill levels. Our offerings for string, wind, brass, and percussion students span young middle school students with a year or more of experience to the most advanced high school students. There are no strict age requirements for membership in any of our ensembles, but age may be a factor in the placement process. Only students performing on instruments relevant to our programs are eligible for membership.

Audition via video submission is required for placement in the following ensembles: 

        *winds and brass start November 2024*

There is no audition requirement for enrollment in the following ensembles: 

Important: All members of OKYO are required to participate in their school’s music program if one is available to them. OKYO is not a replacement for the daily practice and instruction provided by local music educators. An enrollment check will be performed to confirm your enrollment in your school’s music program unless special arrangements are made between the OKYO Program Manager and the director of the school ensemble. This policy does not apply to homeschool/online students, or to students whose schools do not offer a relevant music program.


How It Works

Auditions are held every year for OKYO students (we want you to grow more comfortable and confident with this integral part of being a musician) and are placed primarily by skill level demonstrated during your audition, within the overall pool of auditioning students on your instrument.

If you do not wish to submit an audition, we have 3 additional ensemble offerings to choose from:


Send in an Audition video if interested in one of the placement ensembles: Sinfonia, Chamber Orchestra, Oklahoma Youth Winds, Oklahoma Youth Philharmonic, Oklahoma Youth Orchestra


Watch your mailbox for your Placement results. Your Placement results are which ensemble you have placed into, including who is the conductor, when and where your rehearsals are, and that ensemble's membership dues.* 


Your Placement notification will include your instructions to register and either pay membership dues in full, set up a payment plan, or request a special scholarship. 


Please keep in mind we fundraise all year long to provide special scholarships and every family who applies receives one- please do not let the cost deter you from joining OKYO!


There is no obligation to accept your placement and join OKYO - but PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST at to share your concerns. We help families every year with carpools, special scholarships, etc. Everyone at OKYO is passionate about students excelling through music and we want to remove any access barriers for you and your family.

Audition requirements differ by instrument, and are flexible to accommodate different skill levels. Select from your instrument group below to view the audition requirements.

Percussion Rudiments can be found HERE.

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