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-Audition Video Submission​

  • Oklahoma Youth Orchestra

  • Oklahoma Youth Winds *starts November 7*

  • Oklahoma Youth Philharmonic 

        *winds and brass start November 7*

  • Chamber Orchestra

  • Sinfonia

-No Audition Required

  • Festival Strings Edmond

  • Festival Strings OKC

  • Festival Strings Norman

  • Festival Winds *starts October 24*

  • Studio Rockestra

Our 2022-23 Season audition window is now CLOSED

If you have questions or are still interested in joining, please contact us at

Preguntas? Envíe un correo electrónico al gerente del programa Francisco Venegas.

Our ensembles cater to a wide range of age and skill levels. Our offerings for string, wind, brass, and percussion students span young middle school students with a year or more of experience to the most advanced high school students. There are no strict age requirements for membership in any of our ensembles, but age may be a factor in the placement process. Only students performing on instruments relevant to our programs are eligible for membership.


Important: All members of OKYO are required to participate in their school’s music program if one is available to them. OKYO is not a replacement for the daily practice and instruction provided by local music educators. An enrollment check will be performed to confirm your enrollment in your school’s music program unless special arrangements are made between the OKYO Program Manager and the director of the school ensemble. This policy does not apply to homeschool/online students, or to students whose schools do not offer a relevant music program.

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