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Oklahoma Youth Philharmonic (OYP)

Oklahoma Youth Philharmonic (OYP)
***Woodwind and Brass students will join OYP  in November***

OKYO understands the importance of students fully participating in their school music programs. Due to the demanding nature of marching band schedules in the Fall semester, OYP winds and brass will not join OKYO rehearsals until November. 

Oklahoma Youth Philharmonic (OYP) is a full orchestra and is made up of students who have typically never played in a full orchestra.  These students are generally at the upper-intermediate and lower-advanced levels of music-making.  OYP works on acclimating musicians to the full orchestra setting while also working on ensemble balance, intonation and achieving a high level of musical integrity.  Repertoire includes many standard masterworks, expertly arranged educational compositions and contemporary pieces.

Type of Ensemble:  OYP is a full symphonic orchestra including strings, winds, brass and percussion.
*** OYP begins each season as a strings-only ensemble in order to work on string skills and technique.  Winds, brass and percussion students are  added in early November for the final two performances of the season.  Membership dues for these students is pro-rated.  ***


Typical OYP Students: While auditions are based on playing level and not age, most students are in grades 8 through 11, with some younger and older students placed in the ensemble based on audition results.


Conductor:  Charlene Dell is the conductor for OYP.  See HERE for more information about Dr. Dell.

Rehearsals and Performances:  Rehearsals take place each Monday night September through May in the Wanda L. Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University.  There are periodic breaks scheduled that generally follow the public school academic calendar.  Season schedules are made available to families each summer.  OYP performs three to four concerts per year, depending on the season.  Most performances take place at the Performing Arts Theatre at Oklahoma City Community College.


Auditions:  Auditions are required for placement in OYP and take place each spring.

2023-24 Membership Dues: OYP strings Membership Dues are $540, and Special Scholarships are available for those who need assistance. Payment of Membership dues for OYP strings is required by September 11.


***Membership Dues for winds and brass enrolled in OYP are $380. Payment of Membership dues for OYP winds and brass is required by November 13.***

Family Discounts of 15% are also available for households with more than one student participating in OKYO ensembles.   


What to Bring to Rehearsal: Students should bring their instruments, necessary accessories, music and a pencil to each rehearsal.

Oklahoma Youth Philharmonic (OYP)
Dr. Charlene Dell

The conductor of OYP is Dr. Charlene Dell.

OYP meets at OCU in the Small Rehearsal Hall from 5:30pm-7:20pm.

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