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Brighten someone's day and support music education with an OKYO Musicgram!

During this pandemic it is challenging to find safe and responsible ways for our students to share their music with you, but our students are up to the challenge: Our Student Leadership Council have created these brand new OKYO Musicgrams just for you to send to someone special. Here’s how it works: choose whether you would like a written personal message at the end of your video ($20) or if you would like one of our Student Leaders to verbally share your sentiments ($30) at the end of their musical performance. Each OKYO Musicgram features one or more of our outstanding students making amazing music, and begins with this message: 

Someone who cares about you wants to brighten your day with this OKYO Musicgram!


A $20 Musicgram can include your written personal message, or a $30 Musicgram can include a message from you shared verbally as part of the video. When you purchase your Musicgram you will be prompted to share with us your personal message, the date by which you need it, and the best email for us to send you the link to your personal OKYO Musicgram.

Please allow a minimum of one week to prepare your Musicgram with a written message or two weeks for one with a verbal message. All proceeds support Oklahoma Youth Orchestras and our work to provide music education and inspiration to students!

Sample messages:

“Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Thank you for supporting us and our musical pursuits!”

“I heard you were feeling under the weather, I hope this music helps you feel better!”

“From our home to yours, wishing you warmth and happiness this holiday season!”

Special Discount for those with an Allied Arts OKCity Card

As a proud Member Agency of Allied Arts, we are happy to offer a 50% discount to OKCity Card Holders. Email an image of your current OKCityCard and we’ll send you a discount code.

For more information on the OKCity Card, please visit – be sure to tell them the Member Agency Oklahoma Youth Orchestras sent you, and thank you for supporting the Arts in Oklahoma!

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